Due to the low production capacity of the nonferrous metallurgy industry, the consumption rate of refractories is not as high as seen in the iron & steel sector. However, the refractory materials used in this industry have unique characteristics for each processing unit.

Aluminium: Durer’s products achieve very high performance levels in the aluminium industry. Durer’s non-wetting high alumina low cement castables for the bath area of both melting and holding furnaces have long operational lives. Additionally, Durer supplies very satisfactory refractory solutions such as low cement castables & regular castables for all parts above the metal level that requires relatively higher thermal shock resistance. Beside the working lining of aluminum furnaces, Durer also provides insulating castables that have a servicing temperature around 1100-1300°C as back up lining. These insulating castables are made of light chamotte, perlite and vermiculite and may be applied by casting and gunning alike.
Copper: Durer products such as low cement super alumina castable and low cement castables, containing SiC& Zircon and are based on bauxite and andalusite, have been giving highly successful results in the coreless induction furnaces above the inductor level.
Lead:  Usage of high quality chrome magnesite refractories are preferred for lead processors.