• Haznedar Durer works towards delivering the best value for all of its stakeholders: customer, employees, suppliers, stockholders, community and environment. Being responsive and responsible to them is the company’s foundation principle.
• Haznedar Durer aims to exceed the expectations of its customers through the prompt supply of high quality, innovative products and solutions to enhance their own productivity and efficiency.
• Haznedar Durer keeps ahead of its competitors through its dedication to research and development and instantaneously responds to the changing demands of the domestic and global markets.
• Haznedar Durer is committed to the safety of its workforce and everyone involved in its activities. The company takes all necessary measures to eliminate risks in its work field.
• Haznedar Durer is committed to the health and wellbeing of its workforce and has each of its employees’ health monitored annually.
• Haznedar Durer’s relationship with its suppliers is central to its manufacturing of the highest quality products. The company chooses its partners based on their reliability, quality, fairness and sustainability, and aspires to maintain mutual and long lasting relationships with its business partners.
• Haznedar Durer takes all the initiatives to make its business more sustainable with minimum impact on the environment.
• Haznedar Durer acknowledges the importance of raising communities and supports the education of its local society.